Growing Pains

The Novel (Still Unnamed) that I have been working on has been an adventure of its own. I started it when I was in fifth form (eleventh grade equivalent) mainly during Maths classes as I completely sucked at it and couldn’t be bothered to pay attention when there were so many other things I could be doing. In the very first version I wrote 23 000 words but then I realized that the direction was wrong and changed it, I wrote 16 000 words worth of changing before I stopped. I figured I needed to sort the plot out in my head and well I left it alone for about three years. This summer I wracked up 61 000 words which is a novel except for the fact they represented three additional versions of The Novel.

It has been the most frustrating experience of my life but you know what, I think I’ve learnt more about writing than I have over all the years combined to this point.

I had to separate good scenes and good writing from what was best for the direction of the book. But I figure the biggest thing I have learned was that sometimes you’ve just got to trust your gut. It might not take you where it is that you intended to go. Hell, it might not take you where you wanted to go but sometimes you need to trust it.

So The Novel has been put on the back burner (in the second kitchen). For something that I have been working on (albeit on and off) for the past five years, something is wrong. I think the more I try to force it, the more frustrating it will be. I will definitely write it some day but as much as it was hard for me to accept, that day will not be today.

I am moving on to the next plot on my plot schedule! Hopefully I have better luck with this one. But wherever it takes me, I will be following my gut no matter how scary it seems.




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