… the awkward moment when my mother receives her credit card bill.

The thing with being unemployed is that although as of this past year I am twenty-one and legal to drink worldwide, if I needed a shot of tequila I’d have to get my mum to pay for it. Just to put it out there, that wouldn’t go down very well. So, this reading addiction that I have is being solely supported by my mother. She has always been a willing enabler (except when I was ten and her method of punishment was taking away books opposed to the TV) but has now found herself in a unique position. I have Amazon One-Click. I swear to you, it is a killer. Not only do I have a hard time control my impulses as a general nature where books are concerned, now I don’t even have time to debate with myself. You see before I’d have to go to the bookstore with the aim to buy a singular book but end up choosing several. At the book store, I’d have the walk from the book selection to the cashier to rethink my decision to purchase more than one book. There was also the fact that I’d never have enough money on me to buy ten books in one go anyway (refer to perpetual state of unemployment). Amazon held no appeal because let’s face it, I live in Antigua. The three weeks I’d have to wait for the book to be delivered was the biggest buzz kill ever. With my reading I am all for instant gratification. I am the type of girl who dies a little bit inside when she has to wait for the follow up book to the last book I read. Case in point – I am counting down the days until the sixth book of the Georgina Kincaid Series by Richelle Mead is out. I can barely stand it.

For my Valentines Day this year my lovely, enabling mother purchased me a Kindle. Had I known I’d have loved it so much it would have been like my next five birthdays and Christmas’ combined I would have asked for one eons ago. The problem now arises that I have thousands upon thousands of books at my fingertips. There is no delivery wait. And I can very well buy ten at a time if I felt like it (this is something I might or might not have done 😉 ) because I’m using a credit card and not cash. Plus, with Amazon One-Click, I don’t even have the time to second guess my purchases. My mother humours me but yet, there is always that awkward moment when she gets her bill and there is purchase after purchase from Amazon especially since I promised her I’d purchase no more than two books per week. Right. That is  not working out as planned. I think she’s just grateful that I’m not addicted to drugs. But I tell you this much: I can’t imagine anything that could give me the high that reading does.

I think I will continue trying to convince myself that one day, when I finally get a job after I’m done with University… I’ll pay her back. But I confess that for all the great books I’ve read in the past four months on my Kindle, I think the awkward moments are well worth it. (Just don’t tell my mum).

As a kid my greatest dream was to be locked in a Barnes & Nobel for three months my only contact with the outside world being deliveries of large bottles of Coca Cola and large All American Pizzas. Now I just want me, a beach and a never ending supply of books on my Kindle. Finally, a dream that I can fulfill day after day after day……




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