Fated Love

Everyone who knows me for some reason thinks otherwise but I am an absolute hopeless romantic. I am always the chick in the movie theatre rooting for the couple to stay together. Two days ago I watched The Adjustment Bureau  and I was sitting there the whole time thinking to myself there is just nothing like fated love. I will tell you this much, I love fated love even when it ends badly. My favourite love story of all time is Cathy and Heathcliffe’s in Wuthering Heights. I don’t care what anyone says but they were the real Romeo and Juliet. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the story but their love, though fated, did not end up well. Cathy ended up dead and Heathcliffe ended up haunted by her ghost until he eventually died And this does not even include half the things they got up to before all that happened. Cathy married someone else and well, Heathcliffe married his (Cathy’s husband’s) sister (and treated her so badly) as revenge (it was revenge alright, Cathy almost went mad with jealousy). You might be thinking that that doesn’t sound like a love story at all but I swear you should read it or watch it, then you will see what I mean.

I think the idea will feature a lot in my writing. I believe (although I am willing to stand corrected) that we all have a strong connection to the idea of fated love – that we all have a shot at finding our soul mate and that love will survive all the obstacles thrown at it. That’s why Twilight was so intriguing. I don’t think it was anything at all about Vampires being an amazing fad. A lot of it, I believe, had to do with Bella and Edward’s love story. And I mean, what is more romantic that the predator falling in love with the prey?

The overall arc of the plot I am currently working on deals with fated love. It has nothing to do with the predator and the prey but that’s really all I am willing to say for now. It is not because I don’t trust you guys, it is just that I really needed to sort it out in my head first. To be honest I am still on the outline but I will keep you posted.

Time to get back to watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera… I’ll confess that I watch it not only for the big reveal at the end but also for the love stories. Also, I always cry at some point in time during the show.

Yes, I’m a sap but I’m proud of it.



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