Techno, Strawberry Ice-Cream and My Fantasy Land

The Axwell Dirty South Remix of the Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ (and it is not as bad as the name suggests :D) blares through my headphones after I instructed iTunes to pull up only the House and Techno songs I’ve got in my library. I was so happy to stumble across the House version of a song I already admired, I have been listening to it almost all day. Slowly I have decided to wean myself off the song. I didn’t want to make the shocking change to Drake or maybe Taylor Swift so I’ve decided to go with more House songs. Up next, Miami 2 Ibiza by Swedish House Mafia and Tinie Tempah. My mother doesn’t understand how I write while listening to music. Actually, I have a feeling she believes that I don’t write while I listen to music. It might have something to do with the vigorous nodding of the head and gyrating on hapless chairs around the house that, frankly, have done nothing to deserve such an onslaught. Today I can’t even bring myself to feel guilty for the chairs. It doesn’t matter that it is just after one in the morning and that my coffee is beginning to wear off. I’m ecstatic. You see, today with the aid of these songs (at least that’s what I’ve told myself) I’ve written more than I’ve written all week. I’m really happy about that. As if my day couldn’t get any better a good friend of mine hung out with me during my writing break and when he stopped by he brought me a HUGE, HUGE cup of Strawberry Ice-Cream. There is a point to this post besides telling you about my favourite ice-cream (although honestly if we were to ever meet in person, there are many sins I could be persuaded to commit with strawberry ice-cream :D) and introducing you to two really cool songs (seriously! take my word on it).

I’m not actually writing now. I’m  set to restart in the morning. Right now I’m working out the details of my fictional Caribbean island where most of the novel is set. I’m Antiguan. I live on the most beautiful island in the world (of course, I fully admit to not being the most objective person ever… but I promise, it’s pretty great) and so most people are genuinely, and probably rightly, shocked when I tell them I’m setting my novel on a fictional island. I mean, why go through the extra work right? If I set it in Antigua or possibly even in Barbados (where I’ve sort of lived the last three years) it’d take no effort at all. I’m inclined to tell them well, I’m doing it because I can. I think it is a sufficiently hip answer.  Straight up the line of ‘because I said so’. But there’s more to it than that. I’ve visited several other islands and what can I say? I am genuinely excited about trying to put together an island with several or more of their unique characteristics. I just hope I don’t come up with a geographic abnormality. I won’t be pulling Providence randomly out of mind but it will be severely influenced by so many I’ve learnt and observed about a couple islands. I get terribly excited and talk too fast for comprehension when I think of the final product. It has sort of reminded me of why I do this to begin with. It reminds me of why I will write until the day I die no matter how tough it is or regardless of whether anyone ever reads my work. There is something to be said about creating things whether it be a character, a storyline, a world or maybe just an island. I think it is the most amazing natural high in the world. Hell, I’m looking for one of those drug prevention adverts geared at teens where I would sit  behind a laptop, look meaningfully into the camera and say ‘Writing! My Anti-Drug”. It is so much more than that though, often times writing seems a lot like my lifeline.




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