Blog Hibernation

I seem to be not that adept at multitasking which might be a major problem once law school starts in September. I have managed to spend most of my summer working on the first draft of my as of now Untitled novel. To be honest I really didn’t think about the blog until I received some new comments on a previous post. I know, I know. This should take away my Blog License or something. :D. I will be better (to those two persons who actually follow this blog :D). I think aiming to write a post everyday might be seriously punching above my weight but I assume maybe three to four times per week may work out nicely.

My journal generally feels abandoned as well. On the bright side, I’m winding down the first draft, I feel like I have between 10 000 – 15 000 words before I wrap up telling the story. I am really excited to put it down for a month or so and start the rewrite. I love to revise. It amazes me how different everything is after the revision period. Granted, the longest piece I’ve ever revised was about 10 000 words so you might here me complaining now that I have 65 000 – 70 000 words to work with. Wish me luck!

The sad thing is that I think I’ve just updated you on my life for the past month and some. I’ve literally done nothing but write. Yesterday I did some shopping for law school outfits (I doubt you are interested but I am very keen to tell you all about it). JC Penny had the most amazing fall clearance sale. I got about four suits which would have been valued at about $750 for $320. I feel like if I should be charged with a crime :D.

I also finally gave into about four years of resistance and went ahead and built myself a bear (called Midnight) at Build a Bear Workshop. He is such a cutie and sings (albeit in a very feminine voice) Phil Collins’ ‘True Colours’ when I press his paw. I’m a real happy camper right now. It was definitely worth all those stares I got when persons realized that at 21, I was building a bear not for a sibling but myself.

That’s it for now. Tropical Storm Emily is currently passing very close to where I am so I’m sitting in the lobby watching it rain cats, dogs and possibly some squirrels. Provided that the electricity doesn’t go out, it seems like a pretty good day for writing (and possibly starving). Wish me luck!


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