My First Term at Law School

Well for one (in case it has not been painfully obvious) I’ve gotten absolutely no writing done. I plan to rectify this somehow… I need to sort out my life. School is hectic but I feel like with proper time planning and less procrastinating I’d be a lot further than I am right now.

If the writing plan was a complete failure please don’t get me started on how my German learning fell by the wayside once the assignments started.

This will change, I promise. I am |        | <—- that close and getting closer to realizing that life isn’t all about getting ‘A’s but it definitely encompasses being well rounded. So I’m going for that in the upcoming year.

Unfortunately due to the lack of time for writing I do not have an major updates writing wise. The book is finished but in a very haphazard stage of editing. On the upside though courtesy (in part) of “the best ex in the world” (please don’t tell him I said so), I received a manuscript review from Caitlin Kittredge of the first 50 pages of my novel. She was amazingly helpful and pretty positive about it which in turn makes me feel amazing. I love reading her books so for her to find great things to say about mine makes me all warm and fuzzy.

I am planning to spend my break going over her suggestions and continuing with the editing whilst trying to get some school in. I will tell you how that goes.

Wish me luck.




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