Sunrises, Tea and Coldplay

The world always seems to be a little bit better when I’m sat on my verandah having a cup of tea, watching the sunrise and listening to the hauntingly sweet melodies of Coldplay. Yes, I still consider them to be set apart, a touch above the rest of the music industry (and this is even after their collaboration with Rihanna). In my opinion they are possibly the closest to musical perfection I will ever get. They are my musical Prozac.

Then there are the sunrises which oddly and somewhat poignantly always reminds me of my own insignificance. The world is a much larger place that we often realize. We become so trapped within the walls of our own lives that sometimes it is hard to see that in order to live, to love, to learn we must step far outside the bounds of our comfort zones, of ourselves. Sitting here watching the sun inch its way up into the sky, I realize that in this very moment there are millions upon millions of persons looking at this same sun, being warmed by it or watching it set. In fact somewhere out there in the big bad world there is probably someone else sat on their verandah with a cup of tea listening to Coldplay and thinking of their own insignificance too.


Photo Credit: Copyright – Navneet Kausahal (Beaumonde) of


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