Excuse Me While I Eat This Burger

While getting my daily (okay, tri-daily) Daily Mail fix I came across a very disturbing article. This isn’t a shock as the world seems to be going to hell in a speeding hand basket and feel good stories are becoming as infrequent as someone who can actually only have half of a chocolate bar.

The article was titled:

She looks thick and vulgar’: Pro-anorexia website brands Kate Upton a ‘cannibal’ following Carl’s Jr. burger commercial”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2170074/Pro-anorexia-website-brands-Kate-Upton-cannibal-following-Carls-Jr-burger-commercial.html#ixzz201ySBBnH

For those of you who won’t get around to looking at the link, here’s a photo of Kate Upton:

Kate Upton was compared to a cow and a pig in the article.

And here’s another one for good measure.

Kate Upton was compared to a cow and a pig in the article

I’m not really sure there’s anything thick about Kate Upton except possibly her hair so I decided to check out the website, Skinny Gossip. The first thing I came across was the section of their webpage for “Starving Tips.”(  http://www.skinnygossip.com/starving-tip-of-the-day/ ). After a bit more sleuthing I discovered that the  owner of the blog was 5″7 and aspired to keep herself at 100 pounds (which, by the way, is underweight for her height). Although the site protests (and maybe too loudly and too much) that it isn’t a Pro Ana website it becomes painfully obvious when reading the articles and the comments that they are Pro Ana. Err…starving tip of the day is a dead give away isn’t it?

Another model Barbara Palvin was criticized for being fat. One commentor Debbie stated,

Sorry, but she has gotten fat. Sad. Super skinny is a much better look for every woman–especially models. She will not be working for long if she does not lose the weight.

This was the photo which evoked horror from the commenters on the site. Her legs were described as “nothing but fat sausages.”

It is no small wonder why so many young girls and women have issues with their bodies and confidence. I am in no way advocating the other extreme because it makes no sense denying that being overweight has a negative impact on one’s health. However, being underweight isn’t healthy either. When a young girl browsing the internet stumbles across a photo like this of Barbara Palvin and sees her being described as “fat” and “nasty” it must destroy her confidence. I support eating lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grain but still allowing yourself ice-cream, sodas and a Double Whopper 🙂 once in a while. If you couple eating clean with regular exercise your body will take the shape that it ought to. There is something quite disturbing in this age of instant access information persons advocating surviving on 600 calories per day and yes you read correctly 600 calories per day (Don’t pick up your jaw from the keyboard yet there is more to come). Not only do they advocate surviving on 600 calories per day the person recommended exercising for  an hour per day. Now, I’m no mathematician or fitness expert but I’d think that an hour of exercise per day might very well nearly deplete those 600 calories. Something has got to give. We need to teach our young girls and boys that beauty comes from the things you say and the things you do. Beauty shines from inside. Being healthy is important, yes, but it makes no sense destroying your body to fit yourself into some warped ideal. Most persons think that anorexia stems from vanity but if I needed anymore proof that it was indeed a mental illness I needed not look any further than this website. Of course each of these girls would vehemently deny having an mental disorder. However, as cliche as it might be – actions have and always will speak louder than words.

Having seen the girls that have been described as “fat”, “ugly”, “cows”, “pigs” I thought it necessary to put up a photo of a person that the members of the blog aspired to look like. One commenter stated that the photo was enough to inspire her to enjoy her 60 Calorie vegetable soup. Me? This photo inspires me to want to stand up and fight against persons, entities, industries (read: fashion industry) advocating that this weight is normal, attractive and  healthy – that is, right after I go grab myself a burger.

Ali Lohan before and after her weight loss.
Ali Lohan



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