No Fight In Me Left

I will no longer wear my love for you

like a battle scar slashed across my chest

or the brand of the Scarlet letter.


I will no longer fight this love for you

from the ranks of Athena’s army –

with swords and armours to protect my soul


I will no longer resist this love for you

as if it were the Black Death, waiting on wings to

force me to bow before Hades’ throne


I will no longer shackle this love for you

like slaves during the dark,

dankness of the Middle Passage


I will no longer condemn this love for you

to be crucified on the left of Jesus;

bloody, battered and nailed to the cross


I will no longer try to understand this love for you

It is a  foreign writing from an ancient text

I will no longer explain away this love for you

with emotional acrobatics and verbal magic tricks

to justify something that just is.


I cannot not love you, yet,

I cannot explain it anymore than I can explain my existence

or the state of the universe before God spoke it into being

nor can I damn this love to Dante’s Inferno without

condemning my own soul to the eighth circle of Hell


I am that solider mortally wounded in battle

You see;

I will no longer fight this love for you

For there is no fight in me left

December 20th 2010


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