Calling It Quits?

Relationships and Manuscripts.

They both top the list of things where the tough decision must often be made as to whether one should call quits or fight a bit harder. I tend to not fight hard enough for the former and maybe fight a bit too hard for the latter. Apparently happy middles do not exist with me.

I’ve been struggling with this particular book for the past six years. I think I’ve probably written more than 120 000 words in different versions and rewrites but it refuses to cooperate. I’m not sure if the plot brings up bad memories for my Muse but she pointedly refuses to cooperate with me. She’s even taken to playing this really sadistic little came where she actually lets me finish a version before showing me (usually during revision) that this is still not the way the story needs to be told.

For the past couple days I’ve been thinking about putting it down for a year or two before returning to it. Every time I open a blank document to start another plot from my Plot Library I choke up. I convince myself that I was so close to cracking the complicated code that seems to be the proper way to approach this novel. Yet, I can’t deny that obsessing over it and holding on to it is probably keeping me from working on other plots that might be… more cooperative.

If only knowing that a decision needs to made and making a decision were the same thing. I might need another night to sleep on it. The cycle continues.


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