on being a Writer and a Commitment-phobe

Last night after many cups of tea and contemplation I’ve finally decided which version of my novel I’m going to go with. I imagine you are probably wondering how many versions did I manage to acquire exactly. Well, there were many 🙂 – too many if I am going to be honest about it. I was fueled by trepidation and some self doubt – the drive to make each version better than the last instead of sticking to one version and making it better with each revision. There was also the very intoxicating and dangerous knowledge that as it was my plot and my story I could write as many different versions as I could stand (I’ve learned never to be seduced by that line of thinking again).  In total, I ended up with five different versions of the same plot. There’s the traditional Fantasy version, three Urban YA Fantasy versions and the Paranormal Romance version. I’ve settled on Urban YA Fantasy #3.

Stephen King once gave what I now know to be the best advice when it comes to writer’s block. He said that the best way to overcome writers block is to write one word and then write another. It seems so awfully simplistic that I was sure that he was trying to be a smart ass. When you think about it though it makes sense – the writing is always easy, it is just all the other crap that we need to deal with. I’m trying to apply the same sort of advice to my problem. I’ve finished so many versions and I’m ready to begin my revision period. My solution is to pick a version and stick with it through hell or high waters.  Wish me luck! It’s finally time to enter the next stage – Urban Fantasy Version 3 and I are going steady 😀



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