Your Lips Are Sonnets

your lips are sonnets

every twitch, every smile

are iambs in the pentameter of the lyrics,

which flow from your mouth

when the saxophone that is your voice

fills my body like New Orleans streets

with jazz during the height of Mardi Gras.


your laugh; the smooth richness of red wine

hangs in the air

like cigar smoke in darkened bars

while vocalists sing of ‘Easy Living’ and ‘Strange Fruit’

and cellists stand astride their double basses

plucking the slow, lazy rhythm

my heartbeat becomes when you are near me.


your whisper pulls me to the depth of Bayous

entangles me in everglades,

it is soft wind through Cypress trees

in the dead of night.

it is gentle breezes through rolling fields

it is cotton blankets and blue skies while

yellowtail butterflies flutter around.


your singing entices the spirits of those long departed

to chase after the melodious trail

that flows like rivers from your lips to

soulful oceans;

and clouds that hide golden sunsets

set your melody alight with the passion

that hits the sand in gentle waves.


yours lips are sonnets

i could listen to forever

losing myself in each line

pulling  me slowly to the edge of slumber

and rests me gently at the brink of time.

your lips are sonnets

i long to recite.

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