A Writer’s Creed: Laid Bare

Between these pages I strip myself

And lay me bare

I tip my hat of insecurity

And leave it on the floor

I remove my cloak of pride

And what’s more,

I remove my gloves of tact

At the nearest table found

I unknot my scarf of hate

For it has weighed me down

I untie the laces of allegiance

Before removing my bias-filled shoes

I discard of anger with my socks

For it has been misused

And with my pants I’ll forget kindness

Truth shall be my creed

The clatter of my belt on the floor

Will announce the departure of greed

With each button of my shirt

Dies expectations, hope, envy, fears

And as they drop so too lessons

That I have learnt throughout the years

With my undergarments flees love

And closely behind trust

Heaped together they induce assertiveness

I will say what I must

With much care I will remove my chain of prejudice

And my ring of deceit,

To the jewellery box I condemn scorn

With the anklet from my feet

I will remove glittering arrogance from my face

From my lips colourful but meaningless prose,

Then I will wash away my hurt and shame

So that it flows down the drain with my woes

Between these pages I will be exposed

With each word and rhyme, verse, phrase

I will be exempt from everything which prevents

All of me to be purged unto each page

I shall laugh at familiarity

And venture into the unknown

I will not write with a pen

But with my very soul

Between these pages I stripped myself

And have laid me bare

Photo Courtesy: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

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