An Antiguan Fiesta


An Antiguan Fiesta is no ordinary fiesta.

It is no ordinary explosion of talent or of passion.


It is the eclectic rhythm of Soca

fusing with exotic melodies

that keep us dancing.


It is the music the Pied Piper played

encouraging young and old to start jamming

in the streets.

With feet quickened by the fire

found in soca beats.


It is the music of pans

Dropped from God’s lips

To the sticks of our pannists

Playing Soca Music and Classical Tunes

Folk, Country, Calypso Blueess


It is our passion for fetes

Whether the sun is blazing or

Its cold or wet

It is misbehaving

Grooving and gyrating

Its jamming until there is nothing left

But vague memories from last night’s fete


It is the crowds taking it to the streets

Spurred on by the riddim of dancehall and soca beats

Ready to Wuk or Whine

Like there is no tomorrow

When its time

for the rhythm of mas

The motion

Of mas

The kadliedoscope of colours that swirl with mas

The passion of mass

The art of mas


It is the spice of our cuisine

That runs through blood like

Susie’s Hot Sauce

And sets us on fire

To step into the Pepperpot

That is an Antiguan Fiesta


An Antiguan Fiesta

Is no ordinary fiesta…


Photo Courtesy: Gemma Hazelwood




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