Meandering Through Milan? Prancing In Paris? Bopping Through Berlin?

I decided a couple days ago that as a gift to myself for completing law school next May I’m going to bag-pack through Europe. The parents are not impressed. When I told them I planned to hit up about 10 countries in 21 days followed by extended stays in the UK (21 days) and Berlin (10 days), my aunt decided I’d descended into madness. Of course the number of cities I am able to aliterate to will be directly proportional to the money I’m able to save but so far I’m set on Penzance, Rome, Naples, Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Antigua (yes, I know that I’m corny), Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Liesberg, Vienna, Prague… okay I have about sixteen more but I’ll quit while I’m ahead. The plan is to take a million and one photos, eat a lot of food, drink too much wine and write snippets of the feel, colour and rhythm of each city. I figure in some way if I manage to pull this off  my Muse might slither back into my life and (this time) never leave :). I almost got myself there thinking I could someway seduce my stubborn Muse to hang around. I’m not even sure of her location right now. She might have eloped with someone else’s Muse… you know, those horrible (purely jealousy speaking) persons who can push out a first draft in a week or two? So what do you think? Is my aunt right… a solo adventure through Europe with nothing but my knapsack and a carry on bag a descent into madness? Or is it pure genius? I’ve heard the line between both are terribly thin.


Photo Courtesy: Public Domain Pictures
Photographer: Petr Kratochivil

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