Those Eyes

 Those Eyes

I am surrrre that I could find a million cliiiichés to say about those eyesss of yours

I could start by saying that I could drown in their depths,

Or lose myself in the way they mesmeriiiize

But instead

I’ll get to the heart of things and leave the Shakespearean sonnets behind

Let me tell you of those eyessssss

Those eyesss arrrrre a whirlpool of melted caramel: alluring me – drawing me

Tempting me with their forbidden sweetness

Those eyesss arrrrrre:

Chocolate ice-cream with vanilla whip-cream

Strawberries and sparkling wine

Lavender steam-baths

Moonlight silhouettes

Those eyesss arrrrre sexx-yyyyyy

And with that stare

You illicit the most suppressed longing – hidden fantasies

But even in my foggy, passion induced state of miiiiind

I always return to those eyessssssssssss

Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures
Photographer: Petr Kratochvil

Copyright Rilzy Adams, 2007


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