Life Opens Up When You Do

I’m back in Kingston. Classes began yesterday. The countdown to being a lawyer is officially on! I’m also tutoring Criminal Law at the LLB level and my first two tutorials were exceptional. Teacher Rilzy at your service :).

I’m at the stage where everything is so exciting and filled with promise that the butterflies turn over in my tummy in anticipation of the year to come. I won’t be like this in six weeks. In six weeks I’ll be in full ‘ripping out hair’, ‘why the heck did I ever do this?’ mode. But for now I figure I’m going to enjoy the feeling.

I’m sitting out on my balcony watching wispy clouds float across the bluest sky and I can’t get that line from the Crest ad campaign out my head. It’s been seared in my brain even though I haven’t actually seen the ad in weeks. It is bouncing around gently in my mind touching me in much the same way the morning breezes caress my skin. Life opens up when you do.

It makes so much sense. The more opportunities you give yourself to try something new, to succeed or dare to dream the more experiences and life lessons will come your way. If only it were that simple. How many times do we shy away from new opportunities, friendships, challenges or dreams because we fear that such a risk would bite us on our asses? I’ve done this more times than I can count. This year (and this decision is easier to make while excited butterflies flutter around inside me) I’m determined to seize every opportunity, run after each dream until I hyperventilate 😛 and open up myself to as many new experiences as I possibly can. And I’m determined to do this no matter how scary taking that leap seems. There’s a saying that sometimes the only way to know if you can fly is to be pushed off a cliff or to jump yourself. I’m no longer waiting for that push… I’m going to jump – with style ;).

I’m still a Colgate user but I must admit that Crest has a point! Life opens up when you do. What are you going to open up to today?


And this is what I’m looking at right now!

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