Day 3 … My Mind Has Yet To Realize That I’ve Gone Crazy

My word count is so abysmal I’m afraid to mention it. Remember my goal of 2000 words per day? Well… it has been three days and I’ve not made 2000 words yet. In fact, I’m about as far away from 2000 words as a herbivore is from a carnivore by way of ideology.

Needless to say I’m going to have to kick writing’s butt this weekend if I hope to catch up.

The only problem is that I’m busy. I mean, really busy. This is why I’ve doubted my sanity for even taking this on. I have to prepare for the tutorials I conduct next week, an assignment to finish and another to begin… and I need to find someone who can teach me accounting pronto (I won’t be an easy student). I still don’t know why I’m taking a compulsory accounting class in law school but no matter how many times I twitch my nose the course work won’t disappear. I’m also applying for a scholarship because *whispers* I want to do a Masters. I know this doesn’t sound rational for someone who complains about school as much as I  do… but I’ve never pretended to be rational. Lastly but definitely not least important, I have an amazingly overdue blog post to add to the ‘Adventures of a Caribbean Girl’ section of this blog.

Despite the fact I should be cowering like an ant from the large boot which is my ‘to-do’ list… I’m weirdly upbeat about it (I swear, it must be my new Green Tea addiction… all those antioxidants ;). ) So, I’m about to go plug in my headphones and brew me another cup. Then, I’ll commence kicking writing’s butt! Wish me luck!



Feeling very upbeat… I got this!
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