Day 5… The Cookie Begins To Crumble


I’m standing at the edge of Lake Chaos and I don’t seem to be as concerned for my toes as I should be. I have a feeling my Muse has shown up… fangs baring and all. Yes, my Muse and I get on just as well as venom and blood cells. Hint – I am not the venom.

My weekend was vaguely productive. I finished (as best as I can right now) an assignment, prepared for my tutorials and I wrote. Okay, I admit that I was about two activities off on my to do list but I was proud of myself. I pressed backspace on my measly 300  words for NanoWrimo, started with a blank slate and managed to rack up 9000 words in two days. Needless to say, I was a happy camper. That, of course, was until panic started raining down in heavy, scalding drops.

I don’t like my plot. Not the ‘I want to delete three thousand words and pick door number 2 instead of door number 3’ but rather, the ‘I want to chuck this potential book into my mental trash and start afresh’ variety of panic. Suddenly it feels like I would set myself up for failure if I try to work with this plot. But dare I (especially with my schedule) delete all my words and start  afresh with a new plot on Day 5? 9000 words are quite a bit of words to go to waste. Just considering it seems insane doesn’t it? My self preservation, in the very least, should prevent me from making such a decision. So why does it seem like I’m about to dive headfirst into Lake Chaos?

Methinks I might be going down the wrong street.
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Artist Credit: Stuart Miles




2 thoughts on “Day 5… The Cookie Begins To Crumble

  1. Don’t delete them!! Kill off all your characters (big explosion anyone?) and start afresh. Use the death of your previous plot to start a new one…do this every 10,000 words if you like. Just don’t start over, there is no need to panic. You can do this. You will do this…x

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