When Music Hits Me, I Feel No Pain…

Happy New Year!!!!!! I wish that 2013 is the year  you make all your dreams come true. I hope it is also the year you make all your fears take a moonwalk straight out of your life! Every morning is a second chance to get things right and so the New Year is kind of like the mother all second chances. This year I’m reaching for the planets and going for broke (clichéd but true)… and I’ve created a playlist to help me keep on track when everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. And because I’m just so excited about it :), I’m going to share them with you.

1. Only If – Enya

Why it was chosen: I first listened to this song when I was about sixteen and doing a school project that drove me crazy. A friend sent me the link and it has been one of my go to songs since then. There is something about the magical melody that chases away the gloom so that by the time the last note has faded something akin to hope bubbles in your chest.

Favourite lines: Can I say all of it? 🙂 I guess that does defeat the purpose of having a favourite line section. I’ll leave you with my top two.

* “When there is a shadow, you reach for the sun.”

* “If you really want to, you can seize the day.”

2. Gold In Them Hills – Ron Sexsmith with Chris Martin (of Coldplay).

Why it was chosen: I stumbled across this one about three years ago during a breakup. I stuck with it because it had the direct opposite effect that Adele had on me. I swear during that period just hearing the name “Adele” reduced me to a puddle of tears. Gold In Them Hills became a reminder that no matter how bad things might seem at the time there is still a lot of good in life.

Favourite Line(s): Now this is a tough one. You might actually find that I say that about all of them but I really mean it with this one. Ron Sexsmith dropped good, inspiration, poignant lines one after the other. I’d suggest if you don’t listen to any of the songs I’ve posted here – you have a listen to this one. It is really that good. But nevertheless I’ll try to narrow down my favourite, favourite ones.

* “I know it doesn’t seem that way / But maybe it’s the perfect day / Even though the bills are piling / Maybe Lady Luck ain’t smiling / But if we’d only open our eyes we’d see the blessings in disguise / That all the rain clouds are fountains and through our troubles seem like mountains / There’s gold in them hills.”

* ‘Don’t lose heart. Give the day a chance to start.”

* “And if we get up off our knees / Why then we’d see the forest for the trees and we’d see the new sun rising over thing hills and horizons.”

*So don’t lose faith, give the world a chance to say: ‘A word or two, my friend. There’s no telling how the day might end.”

🙂 Okay, okay … I basically reproduced most of the song. But can you really blame me?

3. Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

Why it was chosen: I think the better question might be “How could it not be chosen?” It isn’t just that I’m quite the Beatle fan but whenever I think of this song the very next thought I have is things are going to get better. Then, I start humming the Bob Marley tune which is next on this list.

Favourite Line(s): I can actually select this easily 🙂 :

* Here comes the sun / Here comes the sun / And I say / It’s alright

4. Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

Why it was chosen: Who doesn’t love Bob Marley? There’s just something about having his voice flow through your veins as you rock to the reggae beat which must make the world seem a bit brighter, regardless of what he might be singing about. This song, however, does actually have the backing of a very powerful message for when things get tough. It always reminds me of the quote: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it isn’t the end.”

Favourite Line(s): * Don’t worry about a thing / Cause every little thing is gonna be alright.

5. Gotta Get Thru This – Daniel Beddingfield

Why it was chosen: Remember when Natasha Beddingfield was known as Daniel Beddingfield’s sister and not the other way around? Well, that’s when I first discovered this song. It has stuck with me throughout all these years. And, yes I know that its really a love song but somehow the constant refrain of “I gotta get through this” with the cheery techno beat is enough for you to believe that you can get through whatever has been getting you down.

Favourite Line(s): * “I gotta get through this / I gotta make it, gotta make it, gotta make it through.”

6. Who You Are – Jessie J

Why it was chosen: This is just the most beautiful song. It is perfect for those ‘been knocked down on your knees’ sort of moments. I always reach for this song in the moments when things really aren’t okay and I want to be assured that sometimes (even if it is just for a short time) I am allowed to lie on the floor with the pieces of my heart, confidence or dreams before I begin putting everything back together. It helps me realizes that sometimes it is okay to be “weak”, sometimes that is what strength is made of. It often brings makes me think to a line from a song that didn’t make this life: “Even the best fall down sometime” – Howie Day “Collide”.

Favourite Line(s): Don’t lose it all in the blur of the stars / Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing / It’s okay not to be okay / Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart / Tears don’t mean you’re losing / Everybody’s bruising/ Just be true to who you are.

7. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Why it was chosen: This was the first song Demi Lovato released after her stint in rehab some two years ago. I guess this it why it rings so true. From the haunting melodies to the conviction in her voice, this song screams of someone who had Life throw every possible obstacle at them but managed to come out stronger. It is one of those songs for the dark of night, pillow wet with tears of frustration knowing that eventually things will be better. Knowing that even if life pummels you into the ground, like Maya Angelou suggested still you’ll rise.

Favourite Line(s):

* “You can take everything I have / You can break everything I am / Like I’m made of glass, like I’m made of paper / Go on and try to tear me down / I’ll be rising from the ground / like a Skyscraper”

* “It’s a long way down but I’m closer to the clouds up here.”

8. Those Who Wait – Daley

Why it was chosen: Because sometimes the most important lesson when chasing your dreams is patience. Sometimes we get so impatient that we give up just before our breakthrough. This song embodies that. It put Daley on my radar and I’ll be following his career from now on. I think it is the least I could do to pay him back for this gem of inspiration.

Favourite Line(s)

* “Slow, slow down / Nothing’s going to happen before its time / Let the pieces fall into place and you’ll be fine / Take your time / So I’m waiting cause I know I’m going to be next in line / To take my prize and be all that I want to be / I worked so hard to earn my place / And good things come to those who wait.”

* “I listen to my instincts when I lose my way”

9. I Love My Life – Demarco

Why it was chosen: I love this song so much. Sometimes you just need to sit back and be grateful for your life – no matter how crazy, topsy turvy or disappointing as it might be at times. It definitely sends the message that it is important to live your life in the moment because you never know when it will be taken from you.

Favourite Line(s): The song is mostly in Jamaican creole (to my Jamaican friends, please don’t make fun of my spelling 🙂 and for my non-Caribbean readers, I’ll translate.).

* None a wi nuh know what tomorrow might bring cah di future dey hours away / So mi a go live my life today

None of us know what will happen tomorrow because the future is far away. So I’m going to live my life in the present.

10. Wonder – Naughty Boy featuring Emeli Sandé

Why it was chosen: When one of my best friends introduced me to this song a couple days ago I could tell that it was going to be my theme song for 2013. It is the ultimate ‘put anything in front of me and I can handle it because I’m amazing’ sort of song. Between the beats, melody and Emeli Sandé’s powerful voice when listening to this song I want to break out into a dance, ‘Can I get an Amen’ and pat myself on the back all at the same time. Not to mention that the Official Music Video has such a whimsical, magical quality that I’m absolutely smitten.

Favourite Line(s)

* “We ain’t falling under / We are full of wonder”

* Though our feet might ache, the world’s upon our shoulders / No way we goin’ break / Cos we are full of wonder

* When everything feels wrong, and darkness falls upon you / Just try sing along, this is a message from Cabana / If your heart turns blue, I want you to remember / This song is for you and you are full of wonder.

There you have it guys. My top ten Motivational Songs that I intend to put to good use this year. Here’s for a bit of a joke: while writing this blog post my net dropped no less than ten times and Safari eventually crashed on me. By the time I got to the last song, I felt like I needed to sit down and listen to the entire playlist before I could continue :).

They say that there’s no medicine like music. If this is true, I think I’ve just about handed you the best prescription. And you know what the best part is? You can’t possibly overdose on music. Just take when needed … or wanted. 🙂


Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net
User Credit: imagerymajestic

Photo Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net
User Credit: imagerymajestic








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