… of Ice Cubes and Consistency.

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I jest.  There is a huge link, well kinda anyway!

The studio apartment I lived in when I was in Jamaica came with a fridge that had one of those ice trays with a box under it. So, you know, you emptied the ice into the box and refilled the tray so that you’d never run out of ice. The trick was that you’d have to continue refilling the tray each time you emptied the ice. I use a lot of ice (my mother will tell anyone who will listen that I use an unnecessary amount of ice) so I figured that this was the perfect feature for me. And it would’ve been if I didn’t put off refilling the ice tray until, you guessed it, I was completely out of ice. I used to be that girl showing up to my neighbours with a cup going “Hey… do you have any ice?”

It occurred to me several times that I’d never have that problem if I just took the ten seconds needed to refill the tray every time I emptied it regardless of whether I had ice remaining in the small box. Basically, all this would be avoided if I were just a bit more consistent.

I realized that this applies to my writing (and some of the other aspects of my life). Let’s take the writing first. I am supposed to write 1000 words per day six days per week with the remaining day for blogging. This occurs during the weeks assigned for writing. When I am in editing phases, I am to edit for an hour each day. During writing weeks this is what generally happens… I write 2500 words one day and then spend the next four days saying “Ah well, I  don’t need to write today because I went over my quota the last time I wrote.”

Invariably, six days later when I  finally sit down to write again I realize that I am 3500 words behind schedule. Unlike the ice situation, I can’t run to a neighbour and make the words appear.

They say the first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging it. Then, the second is putting in the work to fix it. It is time for me to work on the consistency problem. I shudder to think of how much further along I’d be in my writing if I just sat down and ploughed through the word count or editing time I was supposed set out.

So even though it is not the new year I am going to resolve to be more consistent in my writing and (I’m just going to throw it in there) my studying. After all, no one really benefit from my just before exam studying sprees except the manufacturers of Red Bull and Café owners in my immediate vicinity.

Weirdly enough, when I plugged in ‘How to be more consistent?’ in google I came up with a bunch of golf tips. I guess the only thing left is to do the damn thing.

Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net Member Credit: Graur Codrin
Photo Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net
Member Credit: Graur Codrin




4 thoughts on “… of Ice Cubes and Consistency.

  1. You think you are inconsistent. I’m the poster girl for inconsistency! But I tell myself I need inspiration to write, and put it off even when inspiration comes. If only I took the time to write all the things I write in my head.

  2. Sometimes you just need to understand your routines to be more consistent. You say you want to write 1k words everyday, but can sometimes plug put 2.5k in one sitting. So why not have a weekly goal? Or if you want to stick with the daily one, build in rewards ( or delayed gratification…I write like a fiend if my fave TV program is on the line!)
    One thing I’m sure of – you’ll keep moving forward. You’re persistent and determined – that’s sometimes more important than consistentcy.
    Good luck hon, x

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