… on Sunrises and Contentment.

Passenger is telling me that ‘Life is For the Living’ and as I sit here on my verandah watching the sky turn pink and shades of blue, I must tell you I believe him.

It is a morning ritual I don’t do nearly as much as I should and can do (since I wake up at ungodly hours in the morning): watching the sunrise while drinking a cup of coffee and taking stock of life.

My two favourite times of day are early mornings and twilight (something that has become a lot harder to admit since the release of Stephanie Myers’ book of the same name). When I proclaim my love for twilight the typical conversation goes like this:

Me: I love twilight.

Unsuspecting person: Team Jacob or Edward?

Me: Team the time just before sunset.

Unsuspecting person: Oh okay. *looks for nearest exit*

I love these times because I feel like they are the quietest times of the day and perfect for reflection.

The early morning is no doubt peaceful because this is when the world is still asleep but the peace I feel at twilight is artificial and has a lot to do with the tones of the sky and the way the air seems to change. Whatever it is I believe that these are the best times to take stock of life. Twilight offers the promise of a new day with new chances and new possibilities. The early morning sunrise is that promise come to fruition.

It is so easy to find things about your life to mope about. I mope sometimes about my weight (too much of it) and my looks (not enough of it), about guys (Prince Charming’s got lost and refuses to ask for directions),  grades (I’m a chronic overachiever – grades never seem good enough) and my Muse (read: not writing or finishing enough novels). If you have read this blog for any length of time (thank you by the way) you know about the problems I have with my Muse. But when I take stock of life I allow myself to see the things that a worthy of smiles and happy, though uncoordinated, dances. I allow myself to look at the bigger picture and I am able to see the love that surrounds me and also the amazing opportunities I am afforded with each day.

In those moments when it is just me, my music, my coffee, the cool breezes and the sky I can truly examine my life and realize that I am blessed. It is then I admit that, warts and all, I wouldn’t change a thing about my life.

By the time the sun inches its way into the sky, I am filled with that peace that can really only come from true contentment with what you have and gratitude for having it. I often want to hold on to that feeling like a breath and keep it inside me as I proceed throughout the rest of the day. You see there is no escaping that days are sometimes filled with the drudgery and disappointments that are a necessary part of life. But days are also filled with those magickal moments of smiles and beauty. This early morning ritual doesn’t guarantee that I will have an awesome day. There are times by twilight I sit bruised and saddened by the viscidities of life knowing that early morning will come again… and in the purple, pink skies and the amber hue of a sun waiting to rise I will once again find happiness, peace and contentment… I will find all I need to face another day.

And that in it itself is magick.

What my early mornings usually look like.
What my early mornings usually look like.
Gorgeous sunrise.
Gorgeous sunrise.




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