Make It Happen

It seems like I’ve been MIA for a long time doesn’t it? In my defence, I haven’t properly settled into London yet. I have gotten a hang of the tube, the buses, the money, the weather (so far at least),  found my favourite restaurant (read: sushi) and the like. Yet, those who know me best would tell you that I measure my comfort level by how on top of my writing I am. The blog hasn’t been the only area of my writing thus far to suffer. I haven’t written much fiction either. On the upside, I’m slowly developing more of a routine which means that increased blogging and writing should follow. Also, considering the fact that it is almost November (read: NaNoWriMo time), writing will no longer be an option but a requirement. I have realized a couple things. Writing is much like a muscle,you must use it or else it becomes harder (not that it was very easy to being with). I am very restless when I don’t spend most of the days of my week playing with words. I say it time and time again that I write because, like air, I need it to survive. A more accurate statement has never been written. No matter where I am situated in life and no matter how many of my other dreams slowly come true… my writing dreams will remain there, tucked in my heart… beating steadily and escaping into my veins. I got caught up in a lot this past month but it is time to get back to basics. It is time to get back to my heart. It is time to make it happen.

There is this quote I really like that goes something like this “Life doesn’t have a remote, if you want it to change you have to get up and make it happen”. The same goes for dreams. This definitely doesn’t just relate to me or to writing. What are your dreams? What has the mundane reality of life kept you from pursuing? The sad fact is we only have a finite amount of time here and we need to make the best of it… the best of every second, chance and dream. With that said, is there a more worthwhile venture than chasing your dreams? Go lace up those sneakers and get ready to run after them. Just be sure to grab a bottle of determination and patience on your way.  Let’s go, I’m right behind you.

Photo Credit: per Stuart Miles.
Photo Credit: per Stuart Miles.




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