NanoWriMo! Ready… Set… Write!


It’s November! In the writing community November has taken on a whole new meaning. No longer does it mean the awkward middle child between Halloween and Christmas. For writers November means: NanoWriMo!

The basis of NanoWriMo is to write a novel totalling 50 000 words in thirty days. It was founded in 1999 by Chris Baty and has exploded from the initial 21 participants to hundreds of thousands over the world! The concept is really amazing as it gives to writers things which are extremely motivating: a goal and a deadline. Also, there is a community where you can meet, track and race against fellow writers.

I’ve tried NanoWrimo twice and I’ve failed on both occasions – having to stop because school tended to take up too much of my time and energy. In retrospect, trying to compete in NanoWrimo during my two years of law school seems like a foolhardy decision. I’m not sure trying to compete during my LLM is a much better idea… I’m doing it anyway!

For the past couple of days I’ve been doing the only type of Mathematics I’m comfortable with – word count calculations. I’ve basically figured out that if starting on the 1st of November I manage to write 2000 words per day, I should finish the novel in 25 days with 5 days to account for writers’ block or whatever tricks my Muse has up her sleeve.

I’ve already got an idea thrashing around in my head and to be honest, I’m quite excited to start working on it.

Most of my worries surround whether or not I will be able to finish it this time or if it will be a repeat of last year (and the year before that).

I’ve come up with the top seven things I will need for NanoWrimo 2013:

  1. Small Manageable Goals
    To that end, I’ve decided to have two hour and a half sessions each day where I will try to write 1000 words per session giving me a total of 2000 words per day. I must treat these sessions like I would a job… show up even when I don’t want to.
  2. Coffee, Chocolate and Sushi
    Need I say more?
  3. Do a mock outline
    I am notorious for writing seat of the pants and I think this might not be in my best interest this year.
  4. Under no circumstances will I read it over as I write
    This has in the past freaked me out to the point of a major writing block. So, I will leave the nit-picking for editing and focus on writing.
  5. Shake it up
    Even though I set up a writing space in my room, I won’t be afraid of taking the writing elsewhere… cafés, parks (well… not parks as it is autumn in London), restaurants and my special spot in the Main Library. Inspiration strikes anywhere!
  6. Find a friend
    NanoWrimo is so much more fun and motivating when you do it alongside someone else. So, I will make use of the buddy feature on the website.
  7. Created a playlist
    Music is amazing. So I’ve spent the week leading up to NanoWrimo creating two playlists. The first fit the overall mood and essence of the plot I plan to explore and the second is filled with songs I just love writing to.

Fingers crossed that this year will be the year! Good luck! And, happy writing!





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