For the Love of Daisy

Daisy fell in love when she least expected it.

One second she was ticking off the things left on her to-do list and the next a tall man held her against his broad shoulders as he picked her up from the pavement.
“Are you okay?” he asked once he set her back on her feet. Daisy smiled and tried to pull her gaze from deep chocolate eyes. She pushed back the heat of embarrassment crawling up her spine, “Never been better.”
He smiled at her then but Daisy’s mind already spun. She was sure that this would be the start of a fantastic relationship. Of course, that’s what she’d said about the last one and the one before that. They all started off like she’d found the one she would stick with forever but it wasn’t long before a sexier, more enthralling specimen caught her eyes.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked again. His voice, the timbre of smoky jazz, was filled with concern. Daisy begun to assure him that she was fine but her fantasies stole her voice. She smiled at all the things they could do together. She pictured them in the corner of dark bars moving rhythmically to the beat of the music. She pictured them strolling on pavements with the click, click of heels in time with her heartbeat. She pictured them together on the floor of her bedroom, a perfect fit.

Daisy pushed her hand into her bag for the one thing that could make her fantasies reality but stopped. She’d spent enough hours curled up on her couch with bottles of wine to numb living with the consequences of her bad decisions to know better. Didn’t she learn not to make decisions in the first throes of infatuation? Daisy gnawed at her lips as she brought her eyes back to her potential love.
“Screw it,” she whispered making her feet move away from the man towards the large, glass doors. Commonsense be damned. When love hit, you acted on it before it was lost forever. Daisy reached into her bag and pulled out her credit card and said breathlessly, “Hello. I’d like to purchase those Jimmy Choos.”

Photo Credit: per Boians Cho Joo Young
Photo Credit: per Boians Cho Joo Young

© Rilzy Adams, 2014


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