Isobel Smith stared at her best friend wishing she could slap the obvious right into him. She grimaced, with the way Danny was going that slap would require the force of the Hulk.

Daniel sat hunched over his instrument, the tips of his neat dreadlocks touching the guitar’s red, frame as he strummed. He played some Boyz II Men song chronicling the seasons of loneliness. Isobel wanted to scream at him that he didn’t need to be lonely. After all, she was right there. She’d always been.  She’d been there when Staci left him because he wasn’t popular enough. She’d been there when Maria screwed his best friend, Tariq. She’d be there when Jennifer, Melissa and Kourtney wouldn’t give him the time of day. And, now, she was here when Lily told him he was “the best friend” a girl could hope for before barreling head first into a relationship with a guy everyone knew would ride her hard and put her away wet.

She’d listened to him complain about being friendzoned for an hour making all the appropriate suggestions when all she wanted to do was kiss those pouting lips. Instead, her hands remained just where they were and her lips stayed caught between her teeth. She wasn’t crazy enough to play out that particular fantasy, so she just sat there and continued saying the right things – knowing that she’d still be saying the right things when the next girl hurt him… and the next… and the next.

“This sucks more than getting dumped,” he said softly putting the guitar to the side. “When you get dumped you know what went wrong. In the zone you’re haunted by the good things you know could’ve been.”

“Tell me about it,” Isobel muttered. She realized she’d said it out loud when the shock registered on his face. Danny nudged her, “You’ve been holding back on me. What do you know about the friendzone?”

She grinned, hoping the smile reached her eyes, “Probably more than you do.”

“Who’s this idiot? I’ll go pummel him until he sees how amazing you are?”

Isobel sighed, slowly and loudly – wasn’t irony a bitch? She started to tell him it wasn’t serious but stopped, found her backbone and said, “Be careful with your face okay? I quite like it.”

Then, before Danny could respond, Isobel walked away.

Photo Credit: per zirconicusso
Photo Credit: per zirconicusso

© Rilzy Adams, 2014


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