For My Mother on Mothers’ Day


They say when you put something on the Internet it is forever. God, I hope so. In centuries to come, long after we are gone I hope that someone stumbles across this post and remembers the name: Gwendolyn C. Ralph-Browne. She is undoubtedly the most perfect human being to walk the face of this earth – but I am biased: she is my mother.

I know there will be a lot of people who will say that they love their mothers every day and as such they don’t need to make a big production out of it on one day. This is true, I love my mother day in – day out – everyday – irrevocably and I do try to make sure she knows it. This is me attempting to explain my love for her on a random day at 11:47:


However, I see nothing wrong with making a spectacle today and for being grateful that I have an amazing mother and that she is still around for me to make a spectacle for. So… here we go!





I love you. I love you to the rhythm of my heartbeat. It is this unconscious thing, that I just do… and I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to. And without it, I’d die. You see, ma, my heart does not just pump blood but also the adoration I have for you.  Yet, if I were being completely honest I would tell you that I don’t just love you… I live for you. Each breath I take is filled with gratitude for the woman who took the child that doctors said “wouldn’t make it anyway” and willed me to live with your love. You, ma, are my superhero, my wonder woman and I am awed at you. I am awed that for the months you spent on that hospital bed sustaining the life that seemed intent on taking yours, you thought that I was worth it.


And, for twenty-four years you have showed me that I am. I am filled with gratitude because through you I know that I can be loved not for what I can do or what I know but just for existing. I am filled with gratitude because I can say, without a flicker of doubt, that there is nothing in the world that I could do to make you love me less or love me more… because I can see the boundless depths of your love for me whenever I look into you eyes.


I’d like to call you my best friend but that doesn’t fit. Yes, we can spend hours laughing and giggling like teenagers until we fall asleep. Yes, you are still my favourite teddy bear and the keeper of my secrets, my picker-upper, my biggest fan. But you are more than the best friend a girl could ask for, more than the best mother a girl could ask for… you are my soul, my heartbeat. My heart physically hurts as I try to find the words that would possibly give an inkling of how much I love you. But, I realize that I can’t. And I realize that even though I try to show you every day that I would most definitely catch a grenade for you 🙂 – my actions can never be enough. The sun rises and sets on your smile. I hear angels sing in your voice. You are my everything. The Universe shone brightly on me the day you were made my mother. And,  although these words will never be enough or ever say enough they will have to do. I love you – beautiful, amazing woman! I loved you before I took my first breath and I will love you beyond my last. You are the best thing to ever be mine!


"The sun rises and sets on your smile. I hear angels sing in your voice. You are my everything."
“The sun rises and sets on your smile. I hear angels sing in your voice. You are my everything.”


Happy Mothers’ Day.


Your Ril-Dil

(and you know its the real deal for me to be putting that nickname out in public 🙂 )


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