I am Rilys, I’m a “Crappy Romance” Writer…

… and I am proud of it. I love it. I embrace it. I love love even though I spend so much time running from it in real life :).

Like anything else in life, the writing world is filled with hierarchies and latent snobbery. There is the self publishing versus traditional publishing divide (which if everything goes accordingly to plans I will find myself on the wrong side of in December!!) and there is the genre divide.

I’ve had someone read my work and ask me why I didn’t concentrate on something more serious. I’ll assume that more serious translated along the lines of drama or maybe a heady, legal thriller. Ironically, should I choose to, I could write both – writing is fluid, I’m not stuck here because I’ve happened to build a cabin in Romanceville.  I, however, don’t choose to. I like it here. I like my neighbours and I like the view. I like the roads I get to travel and crazy twists and turns. We’ve also got lots of acreage here in Romanceville… my romances can be poignant (also known as – much closer to drama) or quick, fun chick-lit. The possibilities are endless. For a very long time I qualified my genre. I would say, “I’m Rilys and I write romance… for now.” Almost as if I were only writing it until I graduated to something more serious. I’m not doing that anymore. It is true that I may not write romance forever… hell, heady legal thrillers might grab my attention tomorrow. If someone had said to me I would have moved on from Fantasy, I would have deemed them the biggest liar since the Devil. My writing will grow as I grow, I know that. But for now I’m done with the qualifying. I’m done with the justifying.

I am Rilys, I write contemporary romance and I love it!






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