(Blast from the Past) A Caribbean Girl does Oktoberfest

I was setting out my too hard to achieve blog plan for the summer when I stumbled across this post  I apparently wrote in November and forgot to put up. Ditzy Rilzy. I thought about chucking it but decided to post it anyway. It would be a good way to ease my way back into ‘blogging’ opposed to just putting up my fiction. This is especially true because I promised to entertain you guys with at least one post per week about my life in London. Yet, as time went on London became ‘normal’ and I continued being lazy and my ‘Adventures of a Caribbean Girl in London’ category has barely been used! That. Is. About. To. Change! Below is an account of Oktoberfest which sounds like if it happened yesterday but was in fact, eight months ago!




You might be thinking, “Are you really going to begin your tales of London life with a German festival?” And, to answer you in my best Phineas and Ferb voice, “Yes. Yes I am.” Then, you might be thinking “Isn’t it a bit late to blog about Oktoberfest?” Well, yes… it is. And, to be honest most of these will be late. [And oh how right I was 🙂]

Although many interesting things have happened and are still happening, I don’t think any of them are worthy of the first installment of my “A Caribbean Girl does…”.


Well, none of them entailed me drinking over three litres of German beer, standing on a table and singing ‘The Bohemian Rhapsody‘ at the top of my lungs.

For those who aren’t aware – Oktoberfest is the world’s largest annual fair. It is held in Munich, Germany although it now has offshoots world over. You can trust me on this… I got my information from Wikipedia. :). Oktoberfest is known for its beer and actually only beers conforming to a special standard are allowed to be served.  I was skeptical as I’ve only just started drinking beer a year ago and it is usually hard to get me to shift from my Corona or Red Stripe. But, alas quite a few of my course mates were headed and I made a pact with my best friend that I would shrug off my usually isolationist tendencies and actually make friends. So with peer pressure a chord around my neck – I decided to attend.[I must add that I mostly broke this promise. I am an introvert through and through, more increasingly socially anxious in large groups and I have way too many hobbies that require me to be alone. I’ve come to accept this].

I felt bad about succumbing to best friend pressure but who said peer pressure was always a bad thing?

We were able to book a special online which included a 1.5 litre cup of beer upon entry and went as a massive group of around thirty (or more), I think.  Even before we entered the huge tent pitched  at Kennington Park we saw persons hanging around in their lederhosen costumes. I experienced clothing envy even though at this time I was freezing and wouldn’t have been able to carry one off at any rate.

Photo Credit: www.bostoncostumes.com
Photo Credit: http://www.bostoncostumes.com
Oktoberfest! Just in case y'know you stumbled across the tent unwittingly.
Oktoberfest! Just in case y’know you stumbled across the tent unwittingly.

Once we got through the queue and were seated on the very long park benches inside the tent, the girls all decked out in their beer maid costumes brought us each our litre and a half of German beer. I was impressed. It was perfectly chilled and oh so yum. It was good enough that when I ordered my WeissWurst (veal and pork back bacon sausage), I ordered another litre and a half of beer (sorry mummy).

Weisswurst and Bier! :)
Weisswurst and Bier! 🙂

I wish I could say that the best part of the festival was the beer and the surprisingly good sausage once I got the hang of peeling it. But, it wasn’t. There was an amazing live band singing an array of German songs and 80’s and 90’s music. Now, anyone who knows me knows how I feel abut 80s music. It wasn’t long before I abandoned my coursemates and with beer in hand made my way to the dancing sessions where I could Twist and Shout to my heart’s content. I managed to dance with a guy in a Vikings hat, who possessed not an iota of a sense of rhythm, until he spilled half his beer on me. After that I retreated to my coursemates who’d, by then, made their way to the dance floor. Together we learned the dance to apparently what was the most popular Oktoberfest song of the past decade. I can’t tell you a word of it since: ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch but the dance went vaguely something like: flying arms, fist-pump, swim, jump… and I forget the rest.

I’d basically given up on the night getting any better when the live band started playing Oasis and then all games were off. It was lucky that the band hadn’t the presence of mind to ask for people up on stage. If they had done that, I can assure you, everyone would’ve been left with bleeding ears from my singing. It’s a dangerous weapon, this voice of mine.

When we left two hours later, I was bone tired but there was one constant thought streaming through my mind, “If Oktoberfest was such fun in London, how much better would it be in Germany?”

I’ve made it my mission to find out!





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