… on Frustrations and Reality Checks.

I was once browsing a fitspo (fit inspiration) website when I stumbled across a photo that said, “Thinking about going to the gym burns between 0 and 0 calories.” It was funny, true and managed at that time (and probably only that time) to get me off my butt and to the gym. My life has been chaotic (a very mild word to describe what has been going on) at present which has had a bad effect on my already worrying writing patterns over the past three weeks.

I spent the last couple days ill in bed thinking of all the things I would write if I could only sit up long enough to hold a pen. I’ve been doing this a lot of the past couple weeks. It’s been always something like this: ‘I would write so much right now if my laptop wasn’t crap’, ‘I would write so much right now if I could figure out what to work on’ and more and more frequently (and oddly) ‘I’d write so much more right now if I weren’t so damn homesick’.

Somewhere along the line it’s become so much easier to dream about writing than doing a damn thing about it. The photo on the fitspo website came back to me suddenly. When all is said and done, dreaming about writing will not finish works in progress or edit finished novels. It’s unfortunately seeming more and more that these dreams are all I have left in me.


The painful truth
The painful truth

I don’t particularly want to end this blog on a dismal note. It’s hard not to because I feel pretty damn dismal at the moment. I’m seconds away from pulling out the Florence and the Machine and singing, “I’m not giving up. I’m just giving in.” but I’ve been listening to quite a lot of Sam Smith at the moment. I quite like him. I’ve got this instant obsession with one of his songs “Nirvana” which almost rivals my instant obsession with Daley‘s “Those Who Wait“. It might seem like a very awkward spot and even more awkward post within which to drop the link to both those songs. Admit it, there is probably a little bit of you wondering if I’ve somehow been paid a bit of money by these two artists to randomly promote them to the ten people and my mother who read this blog regularly :D. Have no fear, I have not (I wish… I could use the money 🙂 ). It’s just that my greatest inspiration comes from music… so maybe Sam Smith will eventually help me whip that novel into shape.  We’ll see.




4 thoughts on “… on Frustrations and Reality Checks.

  1. Every writer has been through this…but you know that already and know that this too shall pass…so just hang in there and listen to the music…some days can’t ask for more than that. – signed, one of the 10.

    1. Thanks Joanne. My heart knows that your advice is the best thing to do. I just need to get the head on board. I’ve been listening to Soca all day… so at least I now get dancing in while I don’t write 🙂

  2. Sometimes trying too hard and putting pressure on ourselves also writes between 0 and 0 novels. If you’re finding reasons to put off the writing there are reasons for that…one of which is that you need to cut yourself some slack and go and live life for a little while so you have something new to write about. Don’t feel bad about stepping back from writing for a while, we all need some time off. Take some time away rediscover other passions and I have no doubt you will find your way back to it Rilzy.
    If life really has been manic and you’ve been I’ll, no winder you’re not feeling it. You wouldn’t go to the gym if you were suffering with flu, calories or no calories to be burned. You can’t write if you force it. Banish the ‘I would/should’ phrases and focus on what you want, just for a while.
    You’ll be fine in the end. And remember, we’re only just at the beginning of your story, so you’ve got a long way to go before those fateful final words…

    From another one of those ten (who happen to be the best ten people you could have reading your blog ;))

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