on Editing and Pyschosis.

Editing is driving me crazy.


I don’t think there is anything else which can possibly give me the types of mood swings that editing as encouraged other than, well, drugs. There are paragraphs where I completely love my novella but then there are paragraphs (usually about two paragraphs down) where I want to chuck the entire thing out the window of my third floor flat. Then, there is the interesting issue I realize I have with editing my own sex scenes. I’m pretty sure that a romance writer being unable to re-read her own sex scenes without turning into an eleven year old calls for some sort of psychological intervention or at least explanation but I might have to save the money on my book cover! In the middle of editing stress I’ve been attempting to make concrete steps towards ensuring that the novella is out by December. Looking for book cover inspiration has been by far my favourite. Despite the back and forth on the way I feel about the novella, editing has been overall successful both from a structural standpoint and improvement in technique and flow. I guess that is worth the crazy!




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