Back to Reality

It’s been a while. I swear if I got a dollar for every time I’ve written a blog post about how long it’s been since I’ve written a blog post, I’d be well on my way to my dream vacation in the Maldives.  Alas, the only thing I get with that line is a bit of regret. The last hiatus was triggered by my desperate dash to finish my LLM dissertation. Then, there was the mad rush to move back home.

Happily that is now all behind me. I am back home and newly employed which is exciting but pretty scary at the same time. It is also quite freeing because I finally have access to the resources needed to make my writing plans a reality… el dinero. The downside is that my schedule will be a lot less relaxed than it was as a student * long, wistful sigh into the horizon *. However, I can’t be too upset about that because, well, … el dinero.

While renewing my domain name a while ago, I couldn’t help but feel proud at how far I’ve come from where I was three years ago. Granted, a lot of my writing growth has happened off the blog but it is amazing to look back and see how my writing has changed.  I intend to keep growing and the only way to do that is to keep writing both on the blog and off the blog. So for the next three months my main aim is to be regular in my postings (I know… you’ve also heard this many times before). This time there are different things on the horizon. I will take the advice of Cat Lumb (she’s told me this so many times).  She’s always said to me to not bite off more than I can chew (a lot more eloquently) but anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am Queen of the Kingdom of biting of more than one can chew… and Supreme Leader of the Sovereignty of running around like a headless chicken when shit hits the fan.

It will be different this time. I plan to post three times per week only. A short story serial on Sundays (which means that Hide and Seek continues)… so #shortstorysundays and on Fridays I will do a short story in a hundred words or less (similar to Silkworm) … so #flashfictionfridays. I know, I am a dweeb. At some point between Sunday and Friday  (probably Wednesdays), I will actually blog on other things like writing or life.

So here’s to an amazing year filled with growth, stories and hopefully publication. Wish me luck!





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