I’m Published!!

Cover Design by Damonza (www.damonza.com)
Cover Design by Damonza (www.damonza.com)

About eighteen years ago I sat on my bed lamenting the fact that I couldn’t draw. It wasn’t that I was a bad artist. It was that I literally couldn’t even handle stick men. There is not a word in the dictionary to describe how bad I was then, and still am, at art.   The problem for my six year old self was that I wanted to make a comic strip. After a few minutes of deduction I remembered that my mum always read books with just words and so… I could stop trying to draw super-spy kiddos and just write about them. So began my love affair with words. I’ve written through classes, hurricanes, picnics… I fell in love with characters and the stories I created. I started out writing Epic Fantasy but somewhere along the line my reading patterns told me that my heart lay somewhere else. It took a while before I let go of the pretense and moved to write what I loved read – contemporary romance.

Sail With Me feels like my biggest writing accomplishment yet. I don’t pretend that it is perfect because I have always acknowledged that I have some ways to go. It is a big accomplishment because I finally worked up the courage to let go of my work. If I hadn’t confronted my fears I would have probably been seventy before I got a book up. So, here’s to courage – here’s to looking the potential of failure in the face but doing it anyway. Here’s to knowing that I’ve only just stepped on this road and there is so much more to come.

For the six year old girl who thought that her life was over because she sucked at art (yes, I was that dramatic) – here’s to discovering something more precious than most things in the word.

My name is Rilzy.

I am an author; and

I’ve just gone live on Amazon!


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