Yes, I am that girl. I blame it on the insane amount of time I spend on Instagram and Twitter but hashtags are a way of life for me now.

My new blog organization venture has harnessed the power of the hashtag. I have incorporated #shortstorySundays, #writingconfessionWednesdays and a third which this blog post will introduce.

Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net per punsayaporn
Photo Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net per punsayaporn

You may (or not) have noticed that I’ve changed the name of my blog. The blog was called: Rilzy but now it is the much longer, much more time consuming: Adventures of a Caribbean Girl… who writes. The blog originally contained posts surrounding my life. I even created a category: The Daily Java: My Life and Other Things to distinguish these posts from writing posts. However, over the past couple months I have been less willing to write anything on this blog which didn’t speak about my writing career. I read on some self-help webpage or another that I needed a strict separation of my writing life and other aspects of my life if I hoped to be taken seriously. A red flag went up immediately and I decided I ought to follow the advice. A couple days ago I remembered why I chose to self-publish in the first place, I wanted to be able to do things on my terms – mistakes and all. It became clear to me that I cannot leave myself out of my writing. I am a writer, yes, but I am also a coffee, Prosecco and sushi-addicted, food obsessed, pink loving, gym procrastinating, teddy bear collecting, corny, quirky, Sims addicted, criminal attorney living in the Caribbean surrounded by oceans, sunshine and frustration.

Simply put, I think I have a lot to say in spheres other than my writing and I’ve decided to reserve a blog post per week to do just that. I’ve dubbed Fridays #friendlybanterfridays and I’ve decided that I will talk about anything I want to on that day.

I think that by trying to compartmentalize my life I’ve done my writing itself a disservice. This writing journey has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The good thing is that I’m learning every day and one of the most important things I’ve learned is that it is important to know when to adjust the sails. So here we go…



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