Who’s This Chick Anyway?

I am currently a twenty-something lawyer living in the Caribbean steadily working towards self-publishing. Or, as I like to say it… I am a writer posing as a lawyer. This blog details the journey with a lot of random life blogs and samples of my writing to boot!

Hope you’ll come with me on this adventure!! It promises to be a ride.


11 thoughts on “Who’s This Chick Anyway?

  1. I wish you all the best. I can absolutely understand your dream to become a writer. Maybe you will make your dream come true one day. In my opinion a blog is a good method of learning to continue, as you said you never finish a story – and writing a blog needs patience as well. Greets from Germany, Julie.
    And by the way I love Fringe and I love the sims!

  2. Thank you so much. I’m also always immensely happy for meet a fellow Fringe lover. And a Sims lover too! I wish you success on this writing road as well.

  3. Hi rilzy. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I would already call you a writer rather than “this kid who occasionally writes”, and encourage you to call yourself one too. I believe that the mental shift in how we as writers think about ourselves is often the impetus we need to achieve concrete goals. Besides, if you are, indeed, writing, are you not what you do? Good luck!

  4. Fringe as in the TV series? Or the fictional land in The Chrysalids?

    Haven’t started reading your book yet. I’m trying to tie myself down to one novel at a time. I was simultaneously reading four earlier this year, and almost had a brain haemorrhage. Plus it took me forever to finish any of them.

    Now if only I can convince my mind that your novel is just a really long web page.

    1. Fringe the TV series. I loved Walter and the crew so much. I was sad to see them go. I quite liked the Chrysalids too – just not when I had to read it for school. :). Thanks for thinking about reading my novel, I hope when you find the time that it entertains you.

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