Hello (a short story inspired by the return of Adele the Great)

It has been a while since I just had to write a short story but in the middle of listening to this song and regretting hurting exes I never even had it became necessary. Thank you Adele! I hope you guys like it!


“Hello from the outside. At least I can say that I’ve tried to tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart.” – Adele

A short story inspired by Adele’s new single. Listen to it HERE.


Photo credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net per Rosen Georgiev.

She looked beautiful in lace.

He watched her look at herself in the massive mirror and wondered if she saw what he did. The creamy, off-white material kissed her mahogany skin in ways he used to kiss her goodnight. He admired the dress that skimmed her curves before falling straight to the carpeted floor. He wanted to be the carpet. He wanted to worship the very ground she walked on. He wanted a chance to take the last ten years back… to be given a chance to claim the gift she’d once offered him so willingly.

She reached over to the small table and picked up a diamond necklace between shaking fingers. He wanted to think that they shook with regret. He wanted to believe they shook because in less than half an hour this woman he’d taken for granted would walk down the aisle to someone else. Brady took two steps towards her but stopped. He could have grown roots in the carpet for just how hard it was for him to move forward. He wanted too much. But, then again, this wasn’t about what he wanted. He was here because he needed to be. He needed to tell her that he saw… he finally saw what she’d begged him to see.

He cleared his throat and she spun around. White lace swayed around her legs like ocean forth against the shoreline.


He heard everything he thought he would’ve in her voice from the shock to the panic, hurt and anger but he also heard the one thing he thought disappeared when he walked out on her all those nights ago, fondness.

“Steph,” he started but the words wouldn’t come. The words seemed stuck, as he did, in that cold night when he’d stumbled from her flat into the pouring rain while she screamed at him to come back.

You’re my first choice, my last choice, my every other choice.

She’d screamed those words over and over again while she begged him to stop – to turn around – to dare to fight for them. He didn’t, he wouldn’t and he hadn’t wanted to. But now he wished he had. It wasn’t easy to see what he was giving up when he walked away to his… freedom, his choice. But it was easy to see just what he’d lost in the dead of night with shadows dancing on his wall and Johnny Walker for company. It was easier still to see when Stephanie stood before him, dressed in white for another man, with more emotions flitting across her face than he’d allowed himself to feel in a lifetime.

“How did you get here?” she asked. “What are you doing here?”

In the movies he’d tell her he still loved her… that he never realized just how much he did until after he let her go and she’d come running into his arms.

“I tried to call,” he said.

With his tongue bitter with whiskey and regret he’d tried calling her on every number he could remember. She never responded and he never left a message.

“I didn’t want to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “When I broke your heart I didn’t realize I was destroying mine.”

“You hurt me so damn much,” she whispered. “You never looked back.”

He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. Each passing second reminded him that he was running out of time.

“What do you want?” she asked. Her voice was thick with emotion he didn’t want to place.

“You,” he said.

She started moving towards him then. When she was close enough to hold him, Stephanie wrapped her arms around him and rose on the balls of her feet so that she could whisper in his ear.

“You were my first choice, my last choice and my every other choice,” she said slowly. “But not anymore.”

She stepped away from him and Brady watched her go.

People, he realized, had to be careful with their goodbyes.

Sometimes there would never be another chance to say hello.


© Rilzy Adams, 2015



“Sail With Me Excerpt” (or Foreplay in 900 words)

Cover Design by Damonza (www.damonza.com)
Cover Design by Damonza (www.damonza.com)

Anticipation bubbled in her, like the champagne in the glass, as they drove. It didn’t help that Jonathan sat close enough for her to feel the pressure of his leg against hers. She wanted him to kiss her badly but he was busily telling her a funny story about his niece, nephew and his Beagle, Ollie. She made fists with her hands at her side in a sad attempt to stop herself from reaching out and touching him.


Stop being scared, her mind urged. Emmy wasn’t used to making advances. Not once had she felt comfortable enough during her relationship with Tim to initiate sex. She swallowed the rest of the champagne in a gulp and put the flute down. She was done being scared and she was done being timid. So far going after what she wanted had only brought good things and right then she couldn’t think of anything but good things coming from Jonathan’s lips on hers.

She kissed him mid-sentence with her hand fastening onto the back of his neck as she pulled him closer to her. He stiffened at first, caught off guard, but in less than half a second he sunk into the kiss. His mouth was soft, firm and hot against her own and he did things with his tongue in her mouth that had Emmy wondering just how well he could utilize his tongue much, much lower down her body. Her insides clenched at the image and she sighed into his mouth. When he turned his mouth to the side to deepen the kiss, Emmy pushed her body against his and he helped her by hoisting her onto his lap. His erection, pressed tightly against her, sent her hormones flying to heights she didn’t even know existed. She wanted him and she wanted him right there, right then in the back of the limo and she didn’t care if the push of one button would give them away to the driver. Her nipples hardened into bullets and brushed against his chest. Without thinking about it Emmy ground against his erection wanting to get him as close as possible but knowing that only him buried to the hilt inside her would satisfy the raging lust threatening to take over her body.

He pulled away from the kiss breathing as heavily as she did, his eyes dark. With his hands still wrapped around her waist, Jonathan eased her off him. Her body shook at the loss of physical contact.

“If that carried on any longer I wouldn’t have been able to stop,” he said. His husky voice washed over her and she closed her eyes against its onslaught. How could he even have such an effect without touching her?

“I didn’t want you to stop.”

He smiled at her then, a wolfish grin chocked filled with mischief, “It drives me crazy knowing that but I wanted to stop. Your first lesson won’t be in the back of a limo.”

He leaned down and nibbled on her neck and earlobes. She arched into him.

“Well that’s an ineffective way to try to put a stop to this,” she murmured struggling to get closer.

“I want you spread out on a bed with a lot more than three hours in front of me so that I can pleasure you until you beg me to stop,” he whispered against her ear.

His dig at Tim would’ve earned a giggle if she could see past the haze of want.

“I won’t beg you to stop,” she challenged. Not ever. Not when he made her feel so good.

Jonathan snaked his hand under the hem of her dress, deftly moved her panties to the side and slid a finger into her already slick warmth. She shivered against him. While one finger pumped into her he made firm circles against her clit with his thumb, his tongue circling her neck.

“Challenge accepted,” he whispered in that same husky, breathy voice. And then, Emmy came so hard and so fast she couldn’t help but cry out. His mouth found hers as he continued working her with his finger. The circles were a bit lighter but his finger went deeper and faster. Her body felt like it would implode from the effects of the orgasm and his finger still in her. She swore that if he didn’t stop she’d go crazy but stopping was the last thing she wanted him to do.

“I won’t ask you to stop,” she managed to force out through rapid breaths when he broke the kiss.

“That’s good,” he said. “Because I’m not going to.”

And he didn’t. Not until another two orgasms ripped through her body and Emmy wondered how she could possibly keep up with sex with him.

“We might have a problem,” Jonathan was saying as he resettled into his chair and poured another flute of champagne.

Panic rushed to her immediately. Was he already realizing that she was no good at this? He must have seen the panic on her face because he brushed her cheek with his thumb and kissed her softly.

“Your ex really did a number on you didn’t he?” he asked.

She started to deny it but stopped and nodded. It made no sense trying to save face when the truth had flashed all over her face.

“The trouble is that we’re supposed to enjoy these beautiful islands,” he said slowly as if picking his words with care, “but I get the feeling that all I’m going to want to do is keep you in bed.”

Relief flooded her and she leaned in for a kiss, “That doesn’t sound like a problem from where I’m sitting.”

© Rilzy Adams, 2015

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Best Bad Decision (or Foreplay in 600 words).

Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net per Vlado
Photo Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net per Vlado

Lily Wescott couldn’t remember there ever being a time when she didn’t want to jump Garret O’Connor’s bones. At eight she wasn’t quite sure what jumping bones meant but she couldn’t deny the butterflies that took flight in her stomach whenever her best friend’s ten-year-old brother was around. At thirteen those butterflies took flight much lower down her body. At twenty-eight, as she stared at him across the room, she had to clench her legs together to stop the discomfort that brewed between them.

She brought her eyes to his and smiled when she saw the heat she felt there. Mutual lust was a beautiful thing. In those seconds what she wanted, no… needed to do became clear. Lily pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. This was a bad decision. Her plan could backfire in an uncomfortably spectacular way. Yet, Lily had learned years ago that there were times bad decisions needed to be embraced. She allowed her gaze to roam from his brown eyes to his body. It’d been at least five years since she’d last seen him and, boy, had he grown up well. Her smile widened. Garret was a bad decision she’d been dying to make. He stood with his back against the wall and arms folded in front of him. Despite herself, Lily grinned. Garret wasn’t going to make this easy for her. Her heels clicked against the marble tiled floor as she walked towards him becoming blasts of a foghorn in the tense silence between them. Five steps in, she stood abruptly three feet away from him and mentally patted herself on the back when confusion crossed his features. She eyed his lean muscle as he unfolded his arms and pushed himself up off the wall. Garret reminded her, as always, of a panther on the prowl. Lily took a deep breath. It was now or never. So, instead of thinking of all the ways things could go wrong, Lily forced her feet forward. When she was close enough to touch him, she cocked her head to the side before she reached for the zipper of her red dress.

“This is your chance to tell me stop,” she said softly. He said nothing as the zipper came down. He said nothing when she reached for the hem and pulled the dress over her head. He said nothing when, with shaking hands; she let it fall to the floor. Garret reached out and grasped her nipple between his fingers. Lily moaned in her throat.

“Silly Lily is all grown up,” he whispered. His breathy, gruff voice hit spots she didn’t know existed. She couldn’t even find the strength to be annoyed by the stupid nickname he’d given her when she was twelve.

“This is your chance to tell me stop,” he said mimicking her earlier words.

“Stop,” she said. And then she reached for his pants, “Remember that time I broke your Gameboy and you couldn’t stop telling me how much I sucked?”

He took a sharp intake of breath when she wrapped her fingers around his hardened length.

“Is this really the time for a trip down memory lane?” he asked with a small smile. Lily ignored the tightening in her nipples and the ache deep within her. She stroked him, “Do you remember?”

He nodded, “Yes I may have been a harsh but I’d saved all year for that game. You did suck for ruining it.”

“It was accident. I didn’t suck… well, not then at least,” she said with a smile. “Now I do. Expertly.”

“Oh fuck,” he whispered in such a bemused tone Lily couldn’t help laughing. When she was finally able to find her voice she said, “Yes, Garret, I’ve waited twenty years to do just that.”

She brought her lips to his drinking in the promises of tangled, sweaty limbs and Garret inside her. Yes, Garret was going to be the best bad decision she ever made.

© Rilzy Adams, 2015

Irony in 100 words

Her heart gave out just shy of her 30th birthday – something the doctors called ‘a freakish turn of bad luck’. Young, healthy and fit women shouldn’t just go around dropping dead from heart attacks while having morning tea.

Yet somehow, it seemed to make sense where Lorna was concerned. Jacob supposed that heartbreak put a certain stress on the heart. And, if unrequited love was a sport – Lorna always won, or lost – Jacob supposed it was a matter of perspective.

“Goodbye Lorna,” he said as he brushed his finger across the elegant writing on his sister’s tombstone: Loved to Death.


Photo: www.freedigitalphotos.net per tiverylucky
Photo: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net per tiverylucky


© Rilzy Adams, 2014

Bailando – Falling in Love in 94 words

Her hips didn’t move with the rhythm. They were the rhythm – perfectly timed circles, dips, drops and sways to the reggaeton beat. The dress that moved with her body was a gentle ocean wave kissing her cinnamon skin.

Roberto was moving towards her when she smiled at him. Watching her smile was staring at the sun with unprotected eyes as he joined her with his swollen heart thudding against his ribcage.

A dance and a smile were all it took for him to fall in love with his wife.

Just like the first time.


Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net per jscreationzs
Photo Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net per jscreationzs


© Rilzy Adams, 2014


PS: If you are interesting. My inspiration for this pieces (as the name may have hinted) was Bailando by Enrique Iglesias.

Smoke Screens – Heartbreak in 100 Words

In the end, Marla wasn’t very surprised he broke her. David hadn’t just kissed her. He consumed her. With his lips against hers, she breathed air through her nose and pieces of his soul through her mouth.

She always believed love was in the showing so when he kissed her like she was the oxygen his cells needed to survive, she believed he loved her more than anyone ever had. Or ever would again.

Yet Marla learned that sometimes actions were nothing but mirrors and elaborate smoke screens.

When the smoke cleared she realized he never loved her at all.



Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net per  Theeradech Sanin
Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net per Theeradech Sanin

© Rilzy Adams, 2014

Silkworm – A Love Story in 100 Words

He took her heart with him when he left. Gently, she supposed. He wrapped it in satin and wandered off so quickly she couldn’t have stopped him if she’d wanted to. She hadn’t. You see, he treated her heart like a silk worm. Something that, though mottled and ugly, was capable of producing soft, beautiful things. Soft, like the kisses he placed on her forehead before she drifted off to sleep. Beautiful, just like he promised her she was with enough sincerity that she believed. He took her heart with him but he left her the courage to love again.

Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net per Stuart Miles
Photo Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net per Stuart Miles

© Rilzy Adams, 2014